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portrait photographer poole dorset ms photography
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portrait photographer poole dorset ms photography

My Story

Hello! I’m Matt Stepniak, a passionate photographer behind the lens. As a professional photographer, I delve into the world of portrait photography, capturing more than just faces – I capture essence, expression, and that intangible aura that makes each individual unique. My approach is deeply personal. I aim to craft portraits that speak volumes.

Besides snapping pics of folks, my camera dives into the cool world of product photography. I’ve got a hefty portfolio that lights up products in a way that makes them super tempting to online shoppers, boosting sales for e-commerce clients. Whether it’s getting that perfect gleam on restaurant cutlery or showing off the bold lines of buildings for construction firms, my camera and I flex to create the visual stories needed.

The heartbeat of my photography is passion – a flame sparked years ago and kindled with every click of the shutter since. Originating from a family trip to the coast armed with my father’s vintage SLR film camera, that moment remains etched in my memory. 

If you seek a photographer who is passionate about taking photos – you’ve found him. Step into my realm, where each image is taken with the sole intent of surpassing not just your expectations as a client but my own as a creator. It’s not just about meeting expectations; it’s about surpassing them. I can’t wait to capture your next timeless moment – in a way that’s genuine, beautiful, and unforgettable.

Reach out to me to share your story through my lens.

Professional photographer poole and bournemouth, dorset

Services I Offer
My diverse portfolio includes portrait photography, product photography, business brand photography. I have worked with various models, influencers, e-commerce businesses, restaurants and architects as well as designers.

Equipment & Technology
I currently shoot with the Sony a7 IV and A7 III and Godox Lights. For the software I mainly work with Capture One, Lightroom and Photoshop.


Capture One
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adobe photoshop
Luminar Ai
portrait photographer poole dorset ms photography
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