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Professional Photographer Poole Bournemouth Dorset

Hello! I’m Matt, an experienced photographer with a deep passion for creating captivating images. My commitment goes beyond just capturing stunning photographs; I aim to make your entire photoshoot a delightful and memorable experience. Join me at my studio in Poole, Dorset, and let’s create magic and lasting memories together. Book your session now and get ready for some fun!
MS Photography

Portrait Photographer

Welcome to a world where photography goes beyond just images, capturing the heart of your unique stories. From the classic elegance of Studio and Beauty Portraits to the laid-back charm of Environmental and Lifestyle Photography. Feel the glamour with Glamour Shots, show off your style with Fashion Photography, and make a professional statement with Corporate Headshots. Cherish life's special moments with Maternity, and Couples Portraits, and discover the intimate charm of Boudoir and the classic beauty of Black and White Portraits. Your photos will be captured with passion. This is where every snapshot becomes a masterpiece, tailored just for you. Learn More
MS Photography

Business Branding Photography

Elevate Your Business Image with Professional Photography of your Brand. In the competitive business landscape of today, presenting your brand in the best possible light is crucial to capturing the interest of potential clients. Leveraging professional Business Brand Photography provides an unmatched benefit, enabling you to capture and convey the essence, professionalism, and distinct personality of your business. This strategic approach fosters trust among potential clients espacialy for local businesses.

My services in Poole and Bournemouth, Dorset, extend to a comprehensive array of business photography needs, including environmental portraiture that places you within your work setting, product photography showcasing the detail and quality of your offerings, and brand storytelling images that communicate your business narrative. Each photograph is meticulously crafted to ensure it resonates with your target audience, thereby enhancing your business's image and appeal.
A woman in a stylish beige suit stands thoughtfully in a luxury beauty clinic Dimond Clinic in Sandbanks Road in Poole Dorset, hand on her chick, looking to the mirror. Business Brand Photography Clinic Dorset MS Photography
MS Photography

Family Portrait Photography

At MS Photography, I want to help you show how special your family is through beautiful photos. Whether you're celebrating a new baby or want to capture your children as they are right now, my studio in Poole is the perfect place. Should you wish, we can capture photographs at a location that holds special significance for you, or opt for a picturesque shoot by the beach. I'm passionate about capturing photos that truly mirror your family's essence, no matter how big or small. My goal? To turn those precious moments into cherished images that will forever have a special place in your heart. Learn More
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MS Photography

Maternity Photography

Celebrate the Miracle of Motherhood with Unforgettable Maternity Photography. Perfectly located in Poole, I offer versatile maternity photo sessions that can take place in the stunning natural landscapes around us or in the controlled elegance of my studio. These sessions are expertly designed to capture the essence of your pregnancy, celebrating your journey into motherhood while beautifully showcasing your baby bump. Whether surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature or the intimate setting of my studio, I ensure each session is a memorable and beautiful experience tailored to your preferences.
MS Photography

Fitness Photography

Showcase your fitness achievements and dedication with Gym Fitness Portrait Photography services. I provide a range of photography services designed to showcase your physical strength and personal growth:
  • Action Shots:
  • Fitness Lifestyle Portraits:
  • Personal Trainer Portraits:
  • Bodybuilding Portraits:
  • Before and After Series:
  • Athletic Portraits:
  • Outdoor Fitness Portraits:
MS Photography

Food Photography

Food Photography is the secret ingredient of your Restaurant, capturing the soul of your mouth-watering dishes. I turn every plate into a visual feast, drawing in your customers from the very first glance. Understanding that each restaurant has its unique vibe and personality, my mission is to reflect this uniqueness in stunning, vivid images. Let me transform dining into an extraordinary adventure, inviting guests to embark on a memorable journey of flavours, atmosphere, and emotions, all through the magic of photography.
MS Photography

Product Photography

Elevate Your Online Presence with Product Photography. For e-commerce success, the power of high-quality product photography cannot be overstated. Whether you are the owner of an online store or an artist eager to showcase your work to potentail clients, MS Photography provides the visual finesse that captures attention and the essence of your product. With a comprehensive understanding of lighting, angles, and composition, I transform your products into compelling images that not only tell a story but also highlight their unique features and benefits. This visual storytelling is crucial in online environments, where the first impression is often the deciding factor for potential customers. Allow me to elevate your online presence, making each product not just seen but truly noticed. With my solid experience in ecommerce marketing, I've really got to grips with how the market works and just how crucial professional product photos are for boosting sales.
product photography Bournemouth and Poole
MS Photography

Architectural Photography

I collaborate with a diverse range of clients within the architectural and building sectors. Whether you are a real estate firm seeking to market a new listing, an interior designer wanting to showcase a recently completed project, an architectural firm aiming to build an impressive portfolio, or a construction company documenting the stages of your build project, I am here to provide professional photography for you.

In today's competitive market, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to stand out and differentiate themselves from the rest. This is where my services come in; I work closely with my clients to understand their vision and goals, and create bespoke visual content that accurately represents their brand identity.
Discover the visual potential of your architectural spaces with MS Photography, where every shot is a work of art. Contact me today to arrange a consultation and learn how my photography services can benefit your business.

Exterior Builing Photography, Interior, Landscape, Swimming Pools Photography, Real Estate Photography, Building Projects.
Poole House Photography
MS Photography

Events Photographer

Celebrate the significant moments in your life with Private Event Photography. I specialise in creating timeless memories of birthday parties, engagements, family reunions, corporate events, product launches, anniversary celebrations, baby showers, gender reveal parties, and more. My aim is to capture the essence of your event— the laughter, the tears of joy, the surprise, and the warmth of loved ones coming together. With a keen eye for detail and the ability to blend seamlessly into your event, I ensure that every photograph tells a story, preserving the emotion and atmosphere of the day. Whether it's the intimate moments of an engagement or the grandeur of a corporate event, my photography services are tailored to meet your needs, providing you with a treasure trove of memories to look back on for years to come.
Events Photographer Bournemouth Poole
MS Photography

Wedding Photographer

At the heart of your special day are emotions and stories waiting to be captured, and as your wedding photographer, it is my privilege to immortalise these moments. With each photograph, I embark on a journey to create a visual narrative that speaks volumes about the love, joy, and unique connection shared on your wedding day. My approach blends a keen eye for detail with a burning passion for capturing the raw, authentic emotions that make your day truly unforgettable. From the tender exchange of vows to the exuberant celebrations that ensue, my ultimate goal is to present you with a timeless collection of images that not only recount your day but also summon up the deep feelings and cherished memories that render your journey together.
Dorset Wedding Photographer MS Photography

Portrait Photographer Poole Bournemouth Dorset

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